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Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit


The 8 in 1 keyboard cleaning kit is the ultimate solution for keeping your keyboard and other gadgets clean and hygienic. It includes eight essential tools to effectively remove dirt, dust, and debris from hard-to-reach places, including a soft brush, microfiber cloth, air blower, cleaning solution, swabs, and more. The compact and portable design of this kit makes it easy to use, store, and carry with you wherever you go.


- Versatile, cleaning kit includes a range of tools that can be used for various devices, including keyboards, laptops, smartphones, airpods, and more

- Effectively removes dirt, dust, and debris

- Compact and portable

- Maintains cleanliness and longevity of your devices



- Some tools in the kit, such as swabs, may not be suitable for cleaning delicate parts of the device and may cause damage if not used carefully

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