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Headrest Hooks

Headrest Hooks


These practical and adaptable automobile Headrest Hooks were created to simplify and organize your automobile travel. You may hang bags, purses, groceries, and other objects on the back of your vehicle seats with the help of these hooks, keeping them off the ground and within reach.
The hooks' streamlined and sophisticated form complements the inside of your automobile without taking away from its fashionable appearance.
It's easy to install. You may vary the height of the hooks by simply sliding them onto the headrest poles. The hooks won't harm your car's interior or upholstery and they work with the majority of automobile types.


- Hooks have a sleek and elegant design, which blends seamlessly with your car's interior, without detracting from its style

- Installation is a breeze. The hooks simply slide onto the headrest poles, and you can adjust them to your desired height

- Compatible with most car models and will not damage your cars interior or upholstery



- Weight limitations at approx 11lbs each

- Only available in one color

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