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Carry On Luggage

Carry On Luggage


This is the perfect travel buddy for smooth trips! This suitcase is made of strong materials and provides excellent protection for your stuff. The 360-degree spinning wheels enable easy maneuvering, and the extensible function gives additional room when needed. This year, travel in elegance and comfort!


- Ease of Movement: With 360-degree spinning wheels, this luggage glides effortlessly in any direction, eliminating strain on your arms and shoulders.

- Built-in cup holder: Easy access to refreshments while on the go.

- Phone holder and extension handle: Hands-free entertainment and easy viewing while traveling.

- USB charging port built-in: Throughout your trip, keep yourself charged and connected.


- Restricted Color Options: Color options may be restricted, which may be a disadvantage for people looking for a certain style or taste.

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