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Beer Bottle Gun

Beer Bottle Gun


The ultimate party accessory! Load your favorite beer bottle, aim, and pull the trigger for a powerful blast of beer. It enhances taste, adds excitement, and guarantees unforgettable moments. Cheers to fun-filled gatherings and refreshing shots! Please drink responsibly.


 - Fun and Entertainment: The Beer Bottle Gun adds a playful and exciting element to parties and gatherings, making it a hit among friends and guests

- Compatible with any bottle size between 350-750ml

- Versatility: This product can be used in various settings, from backyard barbecues to indoor parties or even at outdoor events like picnics or beach gatherings



- While designed for entertainment, there is a potential for misuse or accidents if not used responsibly. Care must be taken to ensure the safety of participants and others around

- Potential Messiness: Shooting beer from a bottle can result in spills and splatters, potentially creating a mess that requires cleaning up after each use


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